Skip to content Toggle navigation. Quick links FAQ Logout. This would be a great card if it could only connect to AP properly. I features a sexy black housing yes, I need to spend more time socializing and is plug and play with BackTrack Linux 5 R3. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. My computer recognize the alpha and the monitor mode works..

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Install ALFA AWUSNHR – chipset RTLRU – on Backtrack 5 |

Hi, I just joined to let you know that the H, one of the major issues with the card is that is not an N network card. Google has awus306nhr me. Posted on February 5, February 26, by back2basic.

Dear Google, what is going on? I bought this adapter specifically for monitor mode, and as yet have been unable to achieve it. Password Forgot your swus036nhr One question though, does this method allow the nhr to enter monitor mode?

I just ordered a Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. It works out of the box.


ALFA AWUS036H Wireless Adapter Configuration on Backtrack 5

I used 2 different computers to run my tests, a netbook and a laptop. Bloge by Canyon Themes. No registered users and 4 guests. Test results are in a post below dated March 17, My computer recognize the alpha and the monitor mode works. The results in the order I ran them: Last edited by bigstape on Mon Mar 18, 2: I should get a multitester and see what the voltage difference is.

Usb WiFi ALFA Awus036h 1000mw Antenna Potente Wireless WLAN PC Backtrack

Stumbler Meet and Greet General Grabbag. Update After further experience with these cards, it appears that kismet doesn’t load very good drivers for the NHA. Unless someone wants to give me a free, working NHR. I suggest adding a awusnh to your mix of cards to capture 5ghz APs, which seem to be growing in popularity.

Usb WiFi ALFA Awush mw Antenna Potente Wireless WLAN PC Backtrack | eBay

Hoping to get a response still here even when this is quite the necro. Does anyone know if this is the case? Hey, its working out of the box with bt5 r2: Hello there, What adapter card did you bought? What adapter card did you bought? What i get from aireplay-ng -9 -i: The only difference is that the rear port is directly connected to the mobo, and the front port is connected via small cable to the USB header.


It really effing sucks. I suspect that a five-year-old child with a nintendo and graphing paper would be more useful for wardriving.

I use the NHR only for monitoring and testing. So, it looks like my review of the NHR will have to stand as-is. Hopefully, someone will find the results informative.

So bacjtrack now I favor the H and the NH. Speed isn’t so much an issue with wardriving; sensitivity is more important, and at this the H excels.