Do you waddle the waddle? Mozilla Labs is back! This latest release candidate only stated ten bug fixes and some of them are older bugs only now being noted as fixed. The AMD fglrx 8. To achieve the performance numbers, AMD has made a number of major changes to the underlying designs. In this article, we will just be sharing the facts about this new driver and what exactly you can expect to see.

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Michael has written more than 10, articles covering the state ammd Linux hardware support, Linux performance, graphics drivers, and other topics. Blogs too can be created by anyone.

The updates aim to provide monitoring of the resources as well as place limits on them. If you need another tool, search for the Disk Management utility from the Windows Start menu: The fixes include taking care of some encryption issues, better idle time disllay, and a number of garbage collection fixes.

AMD Display Driver – Phoronix

Due in part to the shift to the chiplet design, resource allocation is quite different. To achieve the performance numbers, AMD has made a number of major changes to the underlying designs. Stay tuned for the Phoronix article on that event. Not seen for a number of years, Mozilla Labs used to be home to experimental Firefox projects. Legal Disclaimer, Privacy Policy Contact.


In this article we have a few additional remarks on the AMD 8. Michael Larabel is the principal author of Phoronix. This release also does not support the FireGL series. Just be forewarned that there will be some bugs present until the 8.

Initially, this will be for L3 cache monitoring, limiting, prioritisation and memory bandwidth. At Phoronix we have literally spent hundreds of hours using and testing this new driver, and to say the least it is truly a new experience on the ATI Linux front.

More on Tux Machines: Now, the relaunched version is home to more, including Project Things, Spoke, Hubs and more — Firefox is no longer the sole focus. RSS feeds for particular topics are also available Twitter: Just thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach.

ATI Catalyst Linux x86 Display Driver Released | TechPowerUp

This is the closed-source proprietary driver, however, much of the “engine” for this driver is rewritten and as we have been sharing in articles from the Radeon XXL performance to the flagship Radeon HD XT there are certainly some new accomplishments coming out of the AMD Linux camp.

Here you can view, edit, and manage disk partitions. While it’s not exactly exciting, it’s good to have a clean-up of open bug reports so they know what to focus on for the next development cycle. Tux Machines is proud to be hosted by.


The new baseline open-source driver written by Novell should also be released shortly. The most common BIOS commands.

For months now Linux users have been battered with driver releases that have really equated to be nothing more than maintenance releases. In this article, we will just be sharing the facts about this new driver and what exactly you adm expect to see.

Security things in Linux v4. You may also be interested in Mark Shuttleworth’s thoughts on this new driver. Phoronix Test Suite OpenBenchmarking. These releases have just fixed a small number of eisplay and in some cases, the driver did more harm than good if you were plagued by the watermark issuebroken X-Video playback support, or one of the other problems. Phoronix Test Suite OpenBenchmarking. In the current era of privacy and copyright, watermarking pictures is a very good means of protecting individual rights.

AMD Proprietary Linux Display Driver 8.41.7

He can be followed via Twitter or contacted via MichaelLarabel. Until now, this job watermarking images was usually done by the developers themselves, so I start wondering if I can build a library to help them finish this work.

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