After trying a wide range of computer based DAW software, I got tired of the stalls crashes and freezes and saw this unit on Ebay and jumped at it. Or, i can push the monitoring button, all my monitoring tools are there. On a full rewind over a 3 minute song it took the AW about a second to settle in where it would play, but it did not affect audio. Well this is going to do next six months I have, it progresses quickly trs is good hardware is indisputable, but I think that by dint of use and progression is reached quickly end. Casing robust, clear and sharp screen printing: Once you get your pads setup, you can tap ’em, slap ’em, stutter them and blips shows up on the scrolling grid. Driver installation on my G5 was easy.

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Yet, the compressors were effective. Manuel clear enough if you can read a manual. Although nearly 10 years old it sounds better than most of todays yamwha multitrack recorders.

Or, i can push the monitoring button, all my monitoring tools are there.

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I’ll even throw in a stack of blank CDs and jewel cases so you can distribute your Christmas album to all your friends and family members! If you, like me, prefer portable a1w600 workstation then i highly recommend this unit. Connecting by USB was easy. Offered the possibility to easily detune trslgrement taken to orchestrate two acoustic 2guitares for example may be useful trs trs trs in many cases diffrent.


Dynamic, neutral and very clean.

Review of the Yamaha AW Recorder by TweakHeadz Lab

I have not found. APRS there are library Designed for pre-eq and dynamics.

Buttons and faders have a positive smooth feel. But out of all the features I can think of, nothing is more amazing than this unit’s sound quality. I yyamaha missed a point about “exporting” them first to the “transport” directory, where they are apparently made into bonafide 24 bit files. Logic and Peak both complained they were 32 bit files. I’m still getting to know this yamaja workstation.

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I find the unit sounded its best not connecting from the monitor outs but using the aux line outs. When I heard the tracks through my HRs I was very yqmaha. Not a balance knob unhappy or dosage effect, nor even balance between the levels of and monitoring without the need for the mandres menus and sub menus for Something i could use for sampling stuff in the different rooms of my house, have enough preamps to do a full drum kit, then take it back downstairs and dump it down to my DAW.

The sheer number of alert boxes is a bit extreme, so I was happy when i found the preference that turns off many of the confirmation boxes.

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By bote perfect sync against Boss rhythms. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. And finally, can produce a build quality where the unit can function day after day, with appliance like reliability?


Resonant filters too, for those who like squelches. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Inamiginable still a few years ago. I had to go over it a few times to learn these facts but, you don’t.

Did you find this review helpful? Otherwise, you wa1600 rework each track with APRS two effects selected from quite a number of lev adjustable effects.

While this feature not going to make people rush out to dump their MPCs on ebay, with a little ingenuity, one can make whole productions with just an AW and a couple of CDs of audio loops. This is the ideal unit for home studio recording. But keep in mind, if you are new, the AW is a complex device with a lot of functions, you really should read the manual. With a multi track you can set up and make music anywhere in the house.

For the price range and barrage of features I find that this Workstation is truly the best bang for your buck.