Enter an EPD value. If you are looking for a Simmental herd sire that is ready to go here he is and his name is Goliath. Lot 29 – Miss Maggie Mae 30Y. Lot 27 – Woodlawn Maryia. Revamabull is a stout structured bull, that adds some length of body onto a wider frame. Lot 25 – Britt Blackbird BD:

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DVAuction Online Catalogs

This young baldie female has show potential and has all the correct parts to excel. A ready to go fall bull that can work for any program. Enter an EPD value. She will make a competitive show heifer and a super mama cow. Lot 25 – Britt Blackbird BD: Lot bww – Three J Ms.

Enter an EPD value. You have a great base to work from with these impressive growth EPDs.

The Emancipato has been a stand out since the day he was born. One of those cattle was her dam. Excellent breeding with beautiful lines on this heifer.

Aspen Edge Marketing – SVF Fall Sale Catalog

Lot 28 – Woodlawn Sandy BD: Sired by Grizwold sensation Chopper this heifer calf would work for multiple scenarios. We feel this bull can be used successful in a lot of difference operations but feel his greatest attributes will be his daughters.


Lot 29 – Miss Maggie Mae nw. Lot 28 – Woodlawn Sandy. Hw is an excellent bull that can be used on heifers and cows. The Revenue son excels on his EPDs in birth weight and calving ease.

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Also the Conservative daughters and granddaughters make awesome cows. C31 is homozygous black and homozygous polled plus he can be used on cows and heifers.


I would consider selling most any of my cattle if the deal is profitable. The outcross genetics give you so many opportunities.

DVAuction Online Catalogs – page 28

Her dam, Beauty which is backed by Meyer always has top notch progeny which have done well in the show ring and went on to be productive. Virginia Tech Beef Center Lot 25 – Britt Blackbird.

The dual purpose bull! Select a consignor Bangma Farms U631 is a red SimAngus. Read the updated breeding sheet because we plan to AI this female just before the sale. Lot 36 – TX Pegasus. We look forward to more of his offspring. Top gun produces such nice calves that we registered him as a foundation Simmental sire and use him some on our registered cows. Cowboy is a homozygous black and homozygous polled bull that nw a combination of calving ease and growth.


If you are keeping replacements the family of Antoinette is maternal. Lot 34 – Revamabull C Pegasuss himself is a deep bodied complete bull with a little extra frame. If you study the catalogs this family has been a big revenue producer for the Schick family as well.