The problem seems to involve the balance between room light, light from the flash, and the assumptions the camera’s white-balance circuitry is making about the light source. With the QV and now the ‘, we suspect the vast majority of these situations could be salvaged! This is pretty remarkable, and one might ask why Casio doesn’t tout it more in their marketing literature. White Balance The QV normally operates with a fairly effective automatic white balance control enabled although we found the white balance adjustment on the ‘ to be a little less aggressive than that of the ‘ With their QV and QV models, we suspect we are once again seeing Casio pioneer features that will become popular across the market. How many times have you set the camera up for a self-timer shot, and then discovered that someone blinked when the shutter went off?

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Don’t blame blurry pictures on the camera when you’re blithely hand-holding shots even a pro would shy away from!

Casio QV Digital Photography Review

Like any other auto-exposure system, that of the QV is prone to being “fooled” by unusual lighting conditions, such as a bright subject against casko dark background, or strong backlighting.

Direct sunlight can swamp the illumination of the backlight, making them hard to read. Pressing the shutter begins playback after a slight delay, and the image slowly scrolls back and forth across the captured image.

Perhaps qv-770 best way to understand what the QV offers is to liken it to “push processing” of film, in which changes are made during development to increase the film’s sensitivity, at the expense of larger grain and less resolution.

In your computer, you’ll want to use software such as Spin Panorama included in the box with the QV to “stitch” the separate images together into casoo single, super-wide picture. While the automatic white balance setting works well in most circumstances, the incandescent setting provides a much more neutral color cast under incandescent lighting.


First, in single-shot mode you have 10 seconds before a single picture is taken.

Casio QV-770 Owner’s Manual

While the camera’s standalone capabilities are obviously less than those of a software package running on a host PC, casoi found the in-camera capabilities both more useful and more fun than we had anticipated: In their earlier QV, Casio found a truly useful space to inhabit, between the static world of still images and the flowing world of multimedia. Self-Timer Mode Self-Timer mode is indicated by a stopwatch icon.

The QV was the first Casio digital camera to include an on-board flash, where we found it a welcome addition that we’re pleased to see continued in the QV Alternatively, ground-level close-ups don’t require you to be a contortionist to compose the shot.

We found that flash exposure behaved differently on the QV The Casko allows panoramas to be captured with the camera oriented either vertically or horizontally. The QV continues the Casio tradition of the left-mounted, swiveling lens. For casual one-on-one sharing, the built-in LCD screen is often sufficient.

QV-770 Manual

Test Results As with all Imaging Resource camera tests, we encourage you to let your own eyes be the judge of how well the devices performed: In the QV though, a clever panorama mode saves a slice of the image from the right-hand side of the previous frame and moves it over to the left-hand side as an aid to alignment. Other than this though, we confess we’re hard-pressed to understand how one would effectively use this capability The “Past” mode can be a real boon, if you’re trying to catch a fleeting event or expression, and don’t have the reflexes of Superman: We found the “live” LCD viewfinder was both quite accurate, and very predictable: There are four compensation steps available in each direction.

On the QV, panoramas may only be taken with the camera in a horizontal “landscape” orientation, so the menu button has no function.


Of course, there are downsides to LCD viewfinders too: At long last, we’re pleased to present our review of their new device:. In addition to the cryptic notations “WB-1”, “WB-2”, etc, the user interface now displays informative icons the sun, an incandescent bulb, fluorescent tubes to indicate what white balance setting is selected.

As it turns out, this problem is easily corrected by manually setting the white balance to “incandescent”, but it will require a little closer attention in this regard than does the QV Think of how many shots you’ve blown with your film camera because somebody blinked, or the fleeting expression disappeared just before you could press the shutter release! When they’re downloaded, you’ll need to use software to assemble them back into a movie on your computer, but the ability to take and play movies directly from the camera itself is great fun at parties and other gatherings.

This protocol was developed specifically to transfer picture files between digital imaging devices. Two of these frames are held in memory at any time, and are saved as soon as you press the shutter.

We’ve heard from earlier QV-camera users that the lower operating voltage of qqv-770 rechargeable batteries can cause the camera to fatally “hang” as the batteries approach the end of their usable charge. With the QV and now the ‘, we suspect the vast majority of these situations could be salvaged!

Consumer electronics giant Casio has long been an innovator in the world of digital cameras: