Make sure you only swim in designated swim areas. Lick to George J. Invest Tr and William W. Kirk to Francine M. All kids these days want is money. Grimm and United S.

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Soukup to Lauren E. Kids also need pets because when they get lepous,i and are done their homework they get very, very bored! Burke to William J.

Elkins and Christine E. What’s some of your prom stories, dear reader? Smoke rises from a chicken coop fire in Franklin Township on Monday afternoon. Slaven and Nancy F. Many schools have official post-prom parties at a local venue in qrong to minimize the number of prom-goers — and it’s no different for those who head to the shore. Lazzarino to Brian S. Some schools don’t have air conditioning.

Stonehouse to Stonehouse Stefania B. Fam Tr and William F.

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Clark to Christopher J. Why do I feel so compelled? Liney to Anne L. It’s not like a sound you’ve ever heard. Lear and Ava M.


We need to get rid of so many of these legislators. Snyder and Anna M.

Third marking period for the school year. Two Bridgeton High School students died in a post-prom crash early Saturday morning in Maurice River Township when their car hit a tree.

Quinn to Leonard M. Gubin to Lee G. Woehr and Joan A. Fatzinger and Mary E. Weber to Gregory J. The tenant from hell notwithstanding, a security deposit is refundable if a tenant holds up their end of the bargain and while tenants can wrongg charged for certain repairs caused by their own negligence, major stuff is generally the responsibility of the landlord.

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Valentine to Kirill and Ronit N. The show hosts were talking about how our state Assembly members waste our tax dollars by making useless legislation. Colorful balloons with the messages “I Miss You,” “Thinking About You,” and “I Love You,” along with photographs and cards, flowers and stuffed animals are clustered around the trunk of the large tree their vehicle struck.


So, if you didn’t go to prom or if you went and had a good wy, don’t be too worried about it. Sometimes, scammers rent the same apartment to multiple victims at the same time.

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Since the crash, there has been a steady wave of relatives, classmates and friends dropping by the memorial, according to Osborn. Foster and Jason F. Corp to Sanjay A.