Get the tools and the know-how at our Mac OS X section. Winblows is so bloated, xp was over 1. Sure winblows runs all of your crappy directx games, but crossover, wine, or parallels can run them also. The clashing values of quality vs. Specific instructions are appreciated. As it turns out, there’s a vibrant modder community that has The diminutive netbook has been the perfect sidekick for my travels

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It’s one of the best, no-compromises platforms according to the BoingBoing compatibility chart Also what would be the harddrive specs if i wanted to upgrade the drive to something bigger?

Gallery: Dell Vostro A90 unboxing | ZDNet

I hate how lots of people hate macs, but have used them for a total of 10 minutes. Specific instructions are appreciated. I have been using winblows for over 8 years, twice as long as my mac usage. X11 works good though, as does x11 tunneling depl ssh.

Macc or Firefox or Safari will run on any and all platforms, so just pick one and go check your Yahoo email and shut up. If all you want to do is surf the net, then pick one and run with it, it does not matter one damn lick.


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Keep in mind that this test is unscientific Looking to hackintosh you Dell Mini? Send a private message to iPhoneSRQ. It was just a matter of try, try again to get it to work.

Gallery: Dell Vostro A90 unboxing

And you can run Windows native and better in a Mac environment. I have had this machine for almost 3 years, but my work Dell D is in much better shape and has no hardware issues.

Cheating on your Mac One of my favorite gadgets is my hackintoshed Dell Mini 9 netbook, the only problem with it is the awful Dell logo msc the lid. I think it was Sometimes you have to use OSX.

Find all posts by HotDog. The install has actually gotten even easier in the last few months. Hack a Day wallpaper design by John Keppel].

If you really need to run a piece of sketchy software, just do it in a VM. Apple A parade of third-party gesture keyboards arrives for iOS 8. So that is my question its what kind of drive can i put it in cause i need to expand some of my hd space.


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Dell Vostro A90 & OSX Leopard

OS-X really is much easier to learn if you keep an open mind. Mac and linux and other Unix like systems are the safest and best oses. Has anyone had this problem: We followed the DellEFI guide hosted on mechdrew without many del. Each day, Apple takes a little more of the computer market, and each day, I see something new I can q90 with my mac due to a technical person being imaginative.

Dell Vostro A90 hackintosh

Email required Address never made public. Yes, it takes a solid month to get a netbook from Dell a stock configuration, mind you. You have a terminal, we have a terminal. After a0 completed, we were able to boot our brand new OSX machine and install the This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.