Enter a computer name that is reachable from the machine you have installed HDX Monitor on. Click Add next to the Remote the combo box setting. Your subscription must be activated. Audio quality is set to high also a default setting which is expected to consume Kbps. Different policy templates and modes — Bandwidth consumption. Prohibited reducing bandwidth by not using menu animations Minimum Image Quality:

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So the initial goal of this blogpost was to help understanding all of the policies and settings related to above display modes. I will give it a try.

But I will detail the settings below, and I’m creating this topic because I’m not sure to understand everything. Each of these templates has pre-defined settings that you can use as a basis for new policies.

Chris Calaf October 31, For the entire screen — Use compression for the entire screen. Heavy encoding means CPU is needed to compress the data to be sent over the wire.

RFC – Thinwire protocol for connecting personal computers to the Internet

Tihnwire is disabled by default because it uses more bandwidth and more server resources. Do you want to improve the user experience? Switch to the Settings tab. If you notice poor user experience when using this template then users may be viewing multimedia regularly.


I think because of a combination between the following 3 points:. When images are encoded with less thinwure information, the bandwidth savings are huge yet the human eye still sees a very satisfactory picture.

George Spiers November 15, Will work so long as DCR and Framehawk are not enabled.

Change the Category drop-down to Multimedia. So with these changes to the driver stack within Windows, Citrix had to rewrite their graphics driver to be compatible with WDDM. Will this be ok?

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The same codec that is used by many video sites to deliver high quality video across the internet which is compressed using H. FPS can be affected by machine specifications on either end. Different policy templates and modes — Bandwidth consumption. How do I get the new templates? After performance issues, I changed it to WAN profile.

Thinwire Compatibility Tuning: Lowering Your Bandwidth Even Further

Notice that the default Lossy Compression level is set to Medium and the threshold to enable Lossy compression is set to KBps unlimitedwhich means that this setting is always on.


The result is lower bandwidth and a better experience over latent connections. A minor question, though: Configure different Adaptive Display policies and filter them on IP address This one is a little bit the same as we configured for Progressive Display in the past. Hi George, Nice article.

Lowering Your Bandwidth Even Further | Citrix Blogs

Is that also your experience? Windows 10 is thinsire not supported even with the release of XenDesktop 7. George Spiers September 11, But what is exactly going on inside the Thinwire channel?

The quality degradation is barely perceptible. You can let the default policy which applies to all users default or change it with higher compression levels. DCR on default settings — Mbit consumed.

This overview should give you a guidance and allow you to configure an optimal HDX policy set based on your own needs. I need to upgrade my NetScaler from