Commit interval 5 seconds EXT3-fs mmcblk0p1: After this, your chip select array should only be of length 2 one for the on-module NOR, one for your switch:. Mike I have successfully merged the version 3. The KSZ has a switch with lots of hardware configurations. Timer to monitor ports.

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micrel.c source code [linux/drivers/net/phy/micrel.c] – Woboq Code Browser

I have now set it to PHY 0b and Miicrel can now connect to the network. The flag indicating whether the port is to be set or not. The length of the packet.

The linux-davinci tree on our site has a couple of branches. This is the same pin are GP0 15 your chip select line. The KSZX can receive huge frames with size up to bytes. Maybe you can’t use this driver as a module, you could raise an issue on Microchip-Ethernet github?

Need to change bridge setting.

KSZMA Ethernet Switch Support – ARM9 Based Platforms – Critical Link Support

Mike Thank you for your assistance. Data to be written.

Buffer to store the timestamp. One thing that struck me, was that the chip select line is not driven. Mike Yes, I have only spotted that today, but when I changed the inputs to 0b10, with some difficulty since they are tiny pins, the unit still does not work.


The data bits to check.

Configuring KSZ8795

We are having the same problem in GigE mode. Site Search Log in.

Buffer to store the receive and transmit dropped packet counts. Indication of hardware enabled. MAC address to filter.

Hi Charlie, I went back and reviewed your hardware design. For each SPI device: Hi Charlie, I guess the first question is, “what do you want to switcy with the switch?

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If I use the correct version of the kernel and configure it correctly, should this switch allow me to communicate with an external network or is there other work to be done to implement this? The defined proc name.

The chip works fine as a switch but I want to get the Linux to recognise it. Physical address of memory buffer.

We, that is, our company, have decide to look at using linux to free us from some of the work of implementing the communication functions so as to allow us to concentrate on the application. The “master” branch is actually a 2. I haven’t looked at the KSZ PHY drivers in the later versions of the kernel, my guess is that they may be able to do this for you but you likely need to write up a board file that configures the driver with the appropriate SPI information so it knows how to access the part.


This means that the kernel should assume the PHY is always connected which it is. Once that is done, at some point the kernel device framework comes along and starts matching devices to device driver code.

Size of hardware descriptor. This struct also points to other struct’s, so I will have to understand what they do. I would still like to do the work myself, since I think you learn more that way, but I need some help in recognising what is not working and in which direction I should go to solve the problems. Do I need to use a special CS pin to prevent a clash?