But according to the info from fdisk, sdc6 starts at sector After the computer has successfully rebooted, the Backpack Drive will not be available. More possibly helpful, likely obsolete notes: Permission denied I still haven’t found where this is being called from. In one of my many reboots with various rescue and Live Linux versions, I was finally able to read where exactly it looks like my boot troubles are beginning.

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You must be logged in with Administrative rights under Windows NT4, and XP when installing or using the backpack software. The following Support documents on the Micro Solutions Web site see Technical Fjnder, below are available for additional assistance with any configuration or detection problems with backpack adapters: Detailed Support documents are available on the Micro Solutions Web site.

Full text of “generalmanual “

Upstart method will show both traditional and upstart services. Simply type the menu entries you want to add after this comment.

Choose Finished when you have completed the installation. Both the media type and software application will determine whether the CD can be read on another computer.

This is my first experience of Ubuntu and I am impressed.

Attempting wonton’s load script from post 8 on the old thread: Only unload it if it’s already loaded. Lines beginning with a ” ” character are ignored, and may be used to hold copyright statements and other information.


Time for a system restart and a cup of coffee. EXE program, found on the backpack installation diskette or CD. This will be appended to the directory specified for the disk in the [Disks] section to form the full path of the file on the disk.

Word Viewer allows documents created with Microsoft Word to be viewed and printed. Restart your computer after making the change and see if it corrects the problem.

SYS can be temporarily loaded from a diskette A: Using Services Please note that generally, you can use either traditional sysvinit scripts and the methods of working with them as well as the new upstart configs and the command: The upper pane under Devices shows: Also, this may or may not be helpful information: Disable that line by placing the letters “REM” at the beginning.

Even findre the multifunction printer or parallel port scanner has been completely disconnected, monitoring software for those devices might still be checking for their presence on the parallel port. This happens because Windows 3.

Microsolutions 222010 Backpack External Cd-rewriter Includes Cables

Choose Install Backpack driver when prompted. For this reason the kernel supplies a sequence number for each event and any user-space system relying on this should take care to re-order events.

VXD 1 Copy this patch file: Creative’s Jukebox with Gnomad http: If you’re not sure, open Control Panel and see which backpack icon has been installed. Although you can write multiple audio sessions, only computer CD-ROM drives are able to play the subsequent sessions.


The only acceptable combo is that both values satisfy that condition, else report that the max value the system supports may not satisfy this programs requirements. This uses “usbfs” older name: More possibly helpful, likely obsolete notes: I just found this old ‘zombie’ of a thread in a web search not in an ubuntuforums search that looks to be worth a shot- I will post updates or massive failures here as I discover them- since I can’t post or tag that old thread with anything relevant to my Backpack USB finser here: PNG graphic files, the boot process looks to be freezing during the udev process but I cannnot access those files right now from the Vista OS to bacpkack them here.

I can get these to at least partially read in a relative’s Sony 52x CD-RW drive, but I only have Guest access to that machine under WinXP and I really don’t want to go through the hassle of trying to transfer Gigabytes of.